metal bondage

you want to go harder? then get your heavy duty stainless steel toys

heavy metal for the ultimate bondage experience

Sometimes, there's only one material that does the job: stainless steel. Chains, carabiners, padlocks... we have it all!

create fabulous bondage setups!

Independent whether you for a 100% metal bondage setup or whether you combine it with our other restraints collections, you can be sure that you'll have endless bondage fun!

Ever searched for the right key?

Ever searched for the right key?

That's over now! With our HD locks you always have the right key at hand. This does not only keep your keychain leaner, but als increases the safety of your session.

HD lock

HD chain

HD chain

The real chain, not the DYI store stuff. Made from real stainless steel, they will withstand also heated, sweaty bondage sessions.

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