classic restraints

our classic rubber restraints - available in 6 colors

let's make the world colorful

We have the perfect rubber restraints for you, also in your favorite color!


What is the locking option about?

Only if you chose the option "with padlock", the classic restraints are coming with locking pin. Accordingly, if you chose "not lockable", you cannot apply a padlock to the restraints afterwards.

Can I get the classic restraints also in other colors than the ones listed on the product page?

Yes. We can provide the classic restraints as customized article in many other colors. Please contact us for further information.

Do I need multiple keys when I order multiple classic products?

No. The lockable classic restraints always ship with the same padlock. So independent whether you buy all restraints all at once or collect them over time - it will be always the same key.

perfect fit, underpinning your style

our classic restraints are more than just accessories. Show your passion and style wherever you go. Never have restraints better matched style and bondage.



Tight on budget? Then the series are your perfect choice: fully functional, only small visual glitches - and a big saving!

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the secure option

the secure option

You want to have it safe? Get the classic restraints with locking pin and padlock.