how to use

The back belt allow you to easily fix your sub in a locked “servant-like” position to store him/her for some time.

  1. First, put the collar on, this time with the lock facing to the front and 2 of the d-rings sitting centered on the backside.
  2. Now, attach the 90 to those 2 d-rings with the third d-ring pointing downwards.
  3. Connect the back belt to this d-ring, using the end with the adjustable buckle.
  4. Lock the wrist restraints as described above around the wrist of the sub. Make sure, that when you place his/her arms horizontally on his/her back, that there’s always one d-ring of the restraints pointing upwards.
  5. Now slide, the open belt end through the d-ring of the first wrist restraint and then through the d-ring of the back belt. Pull tight so that the hand is positioned firmly on the back.
  6. Next, slide the end of the belt through the d-ring of the second wrist restraint. Pull everything tight before you loop the belt through the d-ring of the back belt and lock the open end with the magic cap.
  7. Finally adjust the right length with the buckle on the upper loop until you have the arms in the perfect position. Your sub is no waiting in a perfect servant position for the next part of your session.


Let others inspire you with the fun and possibilities that await you with our back belt.

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