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Dec 2021 - Jan 2022


While it was always part of our company mentality to engage with our customers and employees, we wanted to take our social responsibility a next level. The result of this ideation was our first SHARING IS CARING sales event.

The idea is still today simple, yet effective: share and thus increase the joy out of your purchase. 5+5% of the christmas shopping revenue are shared across different organisations and charities locally and within the LGBTQI+ and fetish community.

In the first year we supported:

  • 400 € for Folsom Europe e.V.
  • 400 € for Jugendnetzwerk Lambda e.V.
  • 400 € for Schiffer Gilde e.V.
  • 260 € for Bahnhofsmission e.V. (Lindau)

Aug 2022


1 year Black Carrot GmbH was a reason to celebrate:

  • 1 year with a great team that shares the vision
  • 1 year in a great space that forsters our growth
  • 1 year full of support from our families, friends and business partners

Sept 2022


While the success of cuffed was and still is routed deeply in the kinky gay community, our restraints were never though to be exclusive to one gender. So we decided in September that finally a shooting with a female model is more than overdue.

Renting a cool speakeasy bar in Berlin, we set the right stage for Stormwolf to create some astonishing new photos of our restraints on our model Zi.

Oct 2022


In order to improve the customer experience of our web shop and better present our growing product portfolio, we launched a new web shop in December 2021.

A cleaner design and better shopping features ensures since than that the fun with our restraints starts already during the shopping.

We used this occasion to change our domain from cuffed.at to cuffed.store to reflect that cuffed meanhwile serves a huge bondage community all around the globe with more than half of our revenue coming from outside Europe.

Dec 2022 - Jan 2023


The positive feedback, both from you as well as from the supported organisations, were enough proof of concept that we hosted in December 2022 the second SHARING IS CARING sales event.

We haven’t forgotten about the social responsibility that we carry as entrepreneurs.

Therefore, this year we supported:

  • 500€ for Queer Amnesty
  • 500€ for the Stonewall Community Foundation
  • 400€ for Nachbarschaftshilfe Lindau e.V.

Mar 2023


The Darklands 2023 was the first time that we brought you the cuffed experience from web to live: hosting a booth at the market area enabled you to shop our restraints on-site while it allowed us to personally engage with you.

It was a total blast: every day from the opening of the market till its closing you crowded our booth and gave us memorable conversations. While we hardly made it to any of the parties, it was clear to us that we have to do it again. So stay tuned for Darklands 2024!

Jun 2023


In June 2023, we finally set ground in Cologne. Klaus from Best of Cologne invited us to run a PopUp Store in his shop at Schaafenstraße during the CSD weekend. After being welcomed by the charming team with a perfectly prepared shop corner, we were blasted by the interest in our products during the days and all the support of the Best of Cologne team during the teams.

At the end of the weekend was clear: while we return to the south of Germany, our products will stay in Cologne. Since then, Klaus and his team are happily helping you personally in Cologne to find the right cuffed restraints for you.

Nov 2023


While we introduced with the rubstraints many advanced features such as the universal locking pin and the velcro pre-locking, our classics got a little bit dusty over the nearly 5 years... so we decided to give them a refreshment.

While keeping their sleek and lightweight look, we gave the classics not just a new name, but also the advanced features that you know from the rubstraints. But not enough, in parallel to the new rubties, we were hard to get their leather companion leathties out, too

Nov 2023 - Now


Our 5 years timeline doesn’t feature only successes. In November 2023 we experienced setback: Jelena, the backbone of our in-house production, developed a latex allergy. All efforts to create a safe and healthy workspace for her didn’t yield the desired success. Since the impact on her health was too massive, we head to part ways to allow her to recover.

This happened during the worst time of the year: Black Friday, christmas sales, preparation for Darklands. Nevertheless, this challenge showcased the support that we enjoy from our friends and families. They all helped us with getting the work done and the restraints out to you.

Meanwhile we are back to a new normal: Michael and Lisa are joining Ronja in production, Birgit is supporting us in the office and partly in production. Still, we will not forget how much Jelena helped us getting where we are today.

Dec 2023


Actually, it was the feedback of a dear friend which led to one of the latest products: our CALENDAR

Since our product shootings are about more than just getting pics of our products, but about telling an inspiring story around our products, we instantly picked up the idea to create this collection of unique pictures. The calendar is also a celebration of our stellar collaboration with our photographer Stormwolf and all the hot models.

Perhaps, the cuffed calendar will also accompany you through the year and can inspire your own play.

Dec 2023 - Jan 2024


Like in the years before, also in December 2023 we hosted again our SHARING IS CARING sales event, sharing part of your revenues with charities locally and globally.

The supported charities are:

  • 300€ for Stonewall Community Foundation
  • 300€ for Jugendnetzwerk Lambda e.V.
  • 300€ for Nachbarschaftshilfe Lindau e.V.

And be sure that it won’t be the last time!


While 5 years are a reason to celebrate, it's no reason to stop and relax.

So while we are writing this blog, we are working full force to prepare our new booth for Darklands 2024, getting new products out and hot topics. So they stay tuned how this story further unfolds...