Brand ambassador program

In the past, you have already supported us as a young brand with your postings and your advocacy for our products. Now we want to give you something back. As an affiliate, you will receive a kickback bonus for orders that come to us through you.

But what we don't want is to buy your opinion and recommendation. You should continue to act completely independently of us. We live from the feedback of our customers, whether positive or negative!

Therefore, you should only advertise as an affiliate to the extent that you can represent yourself. Exactly because of your independence and credibility we have chosen you.

What we provide

  • Your personal reference link, which you can share accordingly
  • "ready-to-use" website banners in various formats
  • Upon request, we will gladly provide additional image material or personal website banners
  • Technical support for the integration of banners on your website, blog
  • Detailed online overview of your account (balance, statistics about referred orders and their products, conversion rate etc.)

Where are you allowed to advertise it?

  • On your website, your blog
  • On your social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Affiliate program terms and conditions

By using the Affiiate Program you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • For each order placed through your reference link, 5% (as of 09/06/2022) of the net order value will be credited to your account.
  • The credit will be paid out as soon as at least 50€ have been reached.
  • The payment of the credit happens in the form of a GIFT-Card. This can be redeemed for all orders on A direct payout in euros is excluded
  • If recruited orders are cancelled or revoked, the credit out of this order will also be forfeited. If the cancellation takes place in a different period than the payment, the corresponding negative credit will be offset against your credit at a later date.

Are you in?