bondage example

With this bundle, you can easily lock your sub into the classic hogtie position. In this variant, the arms of your sub are angled on his back.

  1. Place your sub comfortable on his/her belly. Fix the wrist restraints on your sub. Make that for each wrist restraints one d-ring is positioned on the lower side of the arm.
  2. Position your sub’s arms horizontally behind his back. Attach the back belt to the open d-rings of the wrist restraints. Check the servant position for the details. The end of the back belt with the buckle should point to the legs.
  3. Fix the ankle restraints on your sub. Make sure that there are two d-rings facing each other on the inside of your sub’s legs.
  4. Attach the 90 to the ankle restraints. The third d-ring should be pointing at the feet.
  5. Connect the open end of the back belt to the d-ring of the 90 and adjust the back belt to the optimum length. Now both enjoy the look and feel.