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5 years of cuffed: a long journey

Check our blog from the very first idea and dream to the brand and team that we are today.

5 years of cuffed: a long journey

Sept 2018 - Jan 2019


Frustrated by not finding proper full rubber restraints to match his rubber outfit, Lukas started to built his own rubber restraints at home which should combine the full rubber look and feel with real bondage capabilities. These designs turned into our first product series: the classic restraints!

At the same time, the idea came up that this product niche might be worth serving. So, in parallel to industrializing the restraints, the preparations for founding cuffed started.

Sept 2018 - Jan 2019


Finally, end of January 2019, everything was ready to go public: the classic restraints with their unique soft rubber sleeve and the web shop in a sleek and cool look.

While we were prepared to go big, we didn’t know what to expect…

Jan 2019 - Feb 2019


Soon after the launch of our shop, we connected to two great persons which contributed a lot to our success: Slickskin and Lycratum.

With their amazing shots featuring our restraints and their social media reach, they really boosted our brand within the fetish community. These word-of-mouth recommendation from our customers are still up to now the core of our success.

Sept 2019


One year after getting inspired during the Berlin Folsom to found cuffed, we returned to Berlin, with our products being presented at the SAR Berlin store.

Spontaneously, we met also for the first time the guy who should turn into our all-time favorite photographer: Stormwolf

Not only did we get some really cool pictures out of the shooting, but really found the photographer who really got our brand and products and brought them to live in his photos.

Mar 2020


After the massive success of the classic restraints, we were ready to go the next step: massive full rubber bondage!

We wanted more than just a new design: the new series should be even more robust for more intense bondage sessions and provide a real bondage experience on its own. The rubstraints were born!

With their Segufix locking, the reinforced design and bondage toolbox, the rubstraints defined a new class of restraints.

Mar 2020


At Darklands 2020, we took the opportunity to re-unite with Stormwolf for the second shooting, getting amazing picture of our new rubstraints at the SPNKD in Antwerp.

This shooting was also the first collaboration with Dutchpupmomo and PupTitan who turned out not only to be sexy, but to be real ambassadors of our products.

Aug 2021


In the first half of 2021, cuffed hit its limits of organic growth - so gar mainly a one-man-show run by Lukas: product design, production, marketing...

So we decided to go big: the Black Carrot GmbH was formed as new umbrella for the cuffed brand. In parallel, we rented a matching production and office space and started the hiring of production support for Lukas. Latest now the direction was clear: full steam ahead!

Sept 2021


The second Berlin brought a new cooperation for cuffed: Together with Gear Berlin we launched unique variants of the tagged collar, featuring their famous trademark.

Nov 2021


Luckily, in November we had the extended crew on board: Jelena and Ronja joined cuffed and helped to decrease the lead time for our restraints.

Nov 2021


While we started cuffed out of the lack of hot rubber restraints, the success of the rubstraints and various customer feedback motivated us to extend our product range into the leather domain while maintaining our unique desing.

After one year of prototyping, design refinements and pre-production runs with our partner, we launched during the Black Week in November 2021 our first leather series: the leathstraints

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